Our Plans

You select the plan that’s right for you:

Single appointments:

You secure a longer, relaxed appointment with an experienced GP where you can discuss your health concerns in a meaningful way—without feeling rushed. Your privacy is paramount. GPs will share concerns or test results with your NHS provider only at your discretion.

You may book a:
15 minute consults
30 minute consults
45+ minute consults

Concierge Choice Membership:

Patients who are seeking a long-term relationship with their GP may opt to become a Concierge Choice member. The membership programme enhances the doctor/patient relationship and comes with a number of complimentary services, including a comprehensive MOT lasting up to one hour, plus follow-up appointments at substantially discounted rates. Members also receive the private mobile number and email address of their GP so they will always be able to connect.

Specific membership benefits include:

Annual Comprehensive MOT. an up to one hour examination conducted by your Concierge GP that includes a thorough health review and history, and a variety of screenings customised to your unique health profile.

A one-to-one relationship. You almost always see your personal GP in surgery, not another support provider.

Easy ways to contact your GP. You get an exclusive membership line at the surgery, their private mobile number to call or text after hours, and their email address for your non-urgent concerns.

Dedicated hours for members so that appointments are available same day or next day and never feel rushed. Appointments outside of concierge hours are based on availability.

Prompt appointments. With only two appointments scheduled per hour, there are no long waiting times to see your doctor.

Discreet, thorough and timely care from a GP who knows you and who you can trust.

Privacy. You control your medical information and it is not shared without your consent.

Complimentary membership for children.* Your children receive all of the convenience and support at no additional cost.

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